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    Our group fly tying classes are for those interested in learning how to tie flies for the first time and those wanting to brush up on skills after a leap of absence from tying. We provide vices, fly tying tools for your use at no additional charge.

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    Instructional Videos

    Step-by-step tutoring in HD video

  • River God Emerger

    The River God

    The perfect imitation for an emerging mayfly. Every “hatch chaser” needs a good selection of River God Emergers.

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The Best Flies in the Cosmos!

Dennis Potter is the Riverhouse Fly Co.

"Every fly that I tie for you is tied to the same standards of proportion and durability as those I tie for myself.

Fly tying is not about speed and quantity. When flies are tied too fast, proper proportion and durability disappear. A “pretty fly” that falls apart is not worth much to you or the fish. Not every fly lasts all day but I strive to tie the most durable fly possible."

-- Dennis Potter