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    The Fathead Beetle v2.0 has it all: the "buggy" shape, peacock belly, foam body and head, wings, legs and an indicator. 

    It is deadly for trout and panfish.

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    The perfect imitation for an emerging mayfly. Every “hatch chaser” needs a good selection of River God Emergers.

  • Fathead Beetle

The Fathead Beetle Story

Step into the fascinating world of fly fishing with our revolutionary fly pattern. There are approximately 30,000 species of beetles in the continental USA. Adding to this astonishing biodiversity are nearly 20,000 species of other "flies," bringing the grand total of flying terrestrial species in the USA to almost 50,000. Beetles are ubiquitous creatures, silently existing all around us, whether we notice them or not—they're underfoot and soaring through the air. A common thread binding these diverse creatures together isI their shape—an oblong form that trout encounter every day from the awakening of spring to the fading days of fall. Our Fathead Beetle harnesses the power of this universal shape, making it irresistible to fish, regardless of whether they're actively seeking out beetles. It's not just about imitating nature; it's about understanding the fundamental triggers that entice fish to strike. Experience the effectiveness of our Fathead Beetle pattern for yourself and elevate your fly fishing game to new heights!

Fathead Beetle Kit V2.0

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