Fly Fishing  Instruction at The Riverhouse

After doing the bulk of the fly fishing instruction at Gates Lodge from 1992 - 1995, I have continued teaching fly fishing skills on the AuSable. If you understand the basics of fly fishing and are stuck, or you want to save a few years of slowly getting better on your own, let me help.

We take a little time and analyze your cast on the lawn. It only takes a few minutes and usually requires a few adjustments to make your cast more efficient. I want you to cast at a given distance with less effort and help you understand and perfect, line control.

Most of the session is spent in the river. We head to an area very close to the Riverhouse where the wading is easy with moderate flows and work on fly presentation. We talk about current and the effect it has on your presentation.

Next we review a few very important basics like the effect of “drag” on the line once it is on the water. Next we work on the roll cast and mending. Both are easy but too often poorly taught. Most anglers work too hard at both.

From there we move into the important “reach cast”. It’s like mending in the air before the line hits the water. Mending and the reach cast are the two basic tools to help you achieve the all important “dead drift”.

I show you how to present wet flies, how to assemble and use a weighted nymph and strike indicator rig and the basics of streamer presentation.

We end the session back at the Riverhouse to tie some knots and answer any other questions you have about tackle, flies etc. It’s usually time for a snack and a cool drink.

Most sessions last 5-6 hours. My goal is to improve your cast and dry fly presentation and introduce you to many other techniques that will make your fly fishing experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

Cost - $250 for one angler and $300 for two. Contact me to schedule a session or if you have any questions. If you want to stay at the Riverhouse for a night, we can make that happen for an additional charge.

Requirements - Basic fishing skills. Waders, fly rod, reel, line, current license, eye protection (polarized sun glasses highly recommended) and hat.